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Starting 2019 off RIGHT!

If you’ve checked the MLS lately you know homes are FLYING off the market! Spring is notoriously busy this time of year, but it still always surprises me how quickly properties sell!

That being said, if you are looking to purchase a home or land, please speak with a lender before coming to us. You definitely want to be approved before viewing homes so you can put in an offer right away!

Here’s a look at February in Washington County (I can’t wait until we get the results for March!). February is generally a slower month – a lot of that is due to the yucky weather we usually have – but it was still a pretty great month for real estate.


The median price for the South Central Board of Realtors was $213,500 – that’s a great price, considering what we are looking at just in Washington County! If you’re going to buy (and are able to), do it NOW. Things aren’t getting any cheaper.

A big take away was that homes in Washington County averaged 98 days on the market for February – this is 67 days less than this time last year. SIXTY-SEVEN.

Here are some rankings based on zip codes for the entire South Central Board of Realtors:

Median Price: 78950, 78949, 78954, 77880, 77418 -> New Ulm, Muldoon, Round Top, Washington, Bellville

Active Listings: 77833, 77418, 78945, 77423, 77474 -> Brenham, Bellville, La Grange, Brookshire, Sealy

Fewest Days on Market: 77423, 77833, 78621, 77418, 77888 -> Brookshire, Brenham, Elgin, Bellville, Ledbetter

Median Price Growth: 77418, 78621, 77423, 77833, 77866 -> Bellville, Elgin, Brookshire, Millican

Things are certainly looking up! This was for a “slow” month, so I can’t even imagine what the results for this spring are going to be.

If you’re looking to purchase a property in Washington or surrounding Counties, keep us in mind! We’ve got tons of great agents  for several Counties in Texas and we would love to help you out!

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